Aug 23, 2010

Veggie Enchiladas

Whenever we invite someone who is not used to Indian food for lunch or dinner, it's always more conscious selection on what to cook.
Specially when it's for lunch. None other than we Indians can eat what lunch meant back home. Here everyday/ weekday European lunch consists of salads, soup, sandwich ! But now when we are inviting someone for lunch, somehow this menu doesn't go down for us.

A few weekend back we had friends for lunch and i went through same dilemma, so i ended up preparing some fusion in the end. I prepared veggie enchiladas with kidney beans, some potato crust rice Iranian way, and to add some Indian flavor some aloo tikkis and traditional Gujarati dish Handvo.

I am very fond of this enchiladas and luckily i got enough time for a few clicks (advantage of not going for cooking full Indian meal) so sharing that recipe here.

Let's collect Ingredients :

For Filling:
100 gm Kidney Beans
2 Spring Onions
A pinch of Baking Soda / Sodium-bi-carbonate
1-2 tsp Red Chillies Powder
2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
Salt to taste

For Gravy:
3-4 Tomatoes
2-3 Garlic Flakes
Dry Onions
Red Chillies Powder

For Wraps:
Tortillas (I used Corn flour Tortillas )

Let's prepare Filling:

- Soak Kidney beans for about 6 hrs / overnight in hot water with a pinch of sodium-bi-carbonate.

- Drain the water and rinse beans in fresh water.

- Add salt and cook beans till its done.

- Mash them roughly, don't mash completely, just do half-done.

- Add finely chopped spring onions and mix.

- Take a little butter in a pan, melt it on slow flame.

- Add the prepared mixture, red chillies powder and tomato ketchup t it.

- Mix well and let it done on slow flame.

Let's prepare Gravy:

- Take a pan. Put tomatoes, 2-3 garlic flakes, Onions, add a little water and boil it together.

- When cooked blend it in a blender or mixer with some more water. (The consistency should be like a thin soup but not watery).

- Put on stove. Add Salt, Sugar, Oregano, Red Chillies Powder and bring it to boil.

- Keep it boiling on slow flame for about 5-7 mins.

Let's assemble Enchiladas:

Put the filling in the middle of tortillas.

Wrap it from two sides.

Arrange them in a Baking dish.

Pour some of the gravy on each of the wraps.

Sprinkle a lot of cheese over that.

Bake it in pre-heated oven at 200 C for 30 mins or till the cheese is melted.

While serving the enchiladas, put a little hot gravy again in the serving dish, enjoy your enchiladas!

Aug 9, 2010


Very famous item from western part of India, that is state of Gujarat.
Initially it used to be household item at the time of yearly mission about making and storing Papdi ( that's different kind of pappadam ). Lately, due to it's popularity and simplicity i saw it making place in road side food and specially stalls at the times of festivals and fairs.

Let's collect the ingredients :

500 gm. Rice flour,
25gm green chillies,
15gm cumin seeds,
15gm bishop-weed seeds (ajamo),
15gm sesame seeds,
1-tbsp soda-bi-carbonate,
Salt to taste.

Let's start cooking:

1. Finely crush green chillies, cumin seeds, bishop-weed seeds in mixer.

2. Take double water as compare to rice flour. Heat the water in thick bottom vassal and add crush material in it. Add soda-bi-carbonate, salt and sesame seeds in it.

3. When water boiling then add flour slowly over the water. Spread flour over the water with spoon and cover it. After approx 30 minutes check if the water is absorbed.

4. Take a wooden spoon and stir continuously in one direction.
5. Mix well. It will appear like dough.

6. Kichu is read to eat. You can eat it sprinkling with oil, red chili powder.

Have fun !

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